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September 3, 2016
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September 18, 2016

Love on the Lawn Wedding Festival

So here’s the thing….starting a new business is great fun, but it can also be tricky. It’s hard to get your name out there in the right way, and really capture people’s attention. For us, it means being creative, and doing something new and exciting at each Wedding expo or show that we do. Honestly, getting the creative juices flowing is a lot of fun, but it also keeps us up at night sometimes. And so it was, that a mere few days before we were due to exhibit at Love on the Lawn Wedding Festival, Iain woke up in the middle of the night, sat bolt upright in bed, and exclaimed “We need to bring the Lawn indoors!” I rolled over and went back to sleep, thinking he was having a crazy dream. Yet, in the morning I found myself in the depths of a breakfast conversation about how we could bring a real lawn indoors, and have a real tree with real blossoms growing out of said lawn. It might seem crazy to most people, but when you’re passionate about plants, this is what happens!


Bump-in day has arrived, and I have to admit I’m a little nervous about how well it will all come together. Best laid plans…! Good news: we found some great turf that should work perfectly, and the dummy-run of setting up our grassy knoll went well. Great news: We managed to source (at pretty short notice!) an absolutely stunning fairy magnolia tree with big delicate fragrant white blossoms…perfect! Terrible news: the weather all weekend is set to be horrific – Sydney is due for some serious storms.


Paul & Sarah are still away on their family holiday to the USA and Hawaii, so Iain and I are going it alone today. We’ve packed up two utes and the trailer, and made our way to the Grand Pavilion at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. The place is already buzzing with tradesmen, vans, vendors and stylists. Because of the imminent storm, the LOTL team have had to move the outdoor stands inside, which has caused a bit of kerfuffle. Iain and I find parking & get to work. We start by setting up our 4 meter Green Wall first, which forms the backdrop for our stand. Then comes time to get started on our main feature….the tree & grass. We position the tree at the front on the stand, slightly off centre, and spin it around to find its best side. Then we use packaging materials to create a ‘mound’ around the base of the tree, and roll the turf across it (a lot more difficult and messy than it sounds, trust me!). Finally, we use shears and a box cutter to trim the edges of the turf, making it into a circular shape. After a bit of cleaning up, and some petal placement, our grassy knoll is complete, and we are absolutely stoked! The stand looks fantastic, even better than we had imagined. We’re all set for tomorrow.


Sunday morning dawns, and it’s Showtime! The weather forecast was not wrong – this is the heaviest rainstorm I can remember in a loooong time…! We’re not letting it get us down though. Just hoping the customers feel the same way!

We man the stand all day, chatting to lots of lovely couples and brides-to-be, who thankfully haven’t been put off by the downpour. I somehow find the time for a look around the other stands – the whole venue looks breathtaking, with flowers and greenery, and amazing styling and props everywhere. There’s a masterclass on making flower wreaths for your hair, and make-up booths doing beautiful makeovers. The fashion show is stunning, and there are even some horses walking around the courtyard. My favourite part (secretly) is the gnocchi lunch from Urban Pasta food truck – those guys are ace!




It’s also been really great to catch up with some of our friends in the wedding biz – Helena Portia, Sammy & Lola, Sarah Jay and Co….everyone’s stands look fab!

All in all, it’s been such a cool event, and we’ve loved being part of it! And I’m so thankful that our crazy creative idea worked out really well. The blossom tree drew a lot of attention and admiration, which makes it all worthwhile. Best Pop-Up Garden we’ve done yet!





Meet the team – Emilie

Meet The Team – Iain

Installation – Cosmopolitan Centre Double Bay

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