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September 18, 2016
The Wellness Festival, by Colour & Coconuts
October 15, 2016

Wedding: Jennifer & Grant, at Jonah’s Whale Beach

Close up of the illuminated sign by Sammy & Lola hanging on our Green Wall

Morning! It’s a beautiful day, and the Pop-Up team are packing our van to head to Jonah’s at Whale Beach for a wedding.

So, Jen & Grant’s wedding was actually one of the very first events we booked (way back when Pop-Up Gardens was little more than a concept!), and it feels slightly surreal that the big day has finally arrived… we’ve been prepping and planting Green Walls for ages, so it will be exciting to see the final product in action.

We arrive to the usual hustle and bustle of wedding prep, and begin to unload our many (many!) Green Wall cells onto the tarmac in the carpark. As I trundle the first trolley-load through the hotel lobby and out onto the terrace, I have to pause for a few seconds and just gaze in awe at the view. It is literally breathtaking. The sky, the sea, the beach…it’s sparkling. What an inspiring setting for a wedding!

Time and space are tight on this one, so Paul, Iain and I get to work quickly. In an hour and a half, we prep, construct and dress 8 meters of Green Wall. It’s done in the nick of time, just as the guests start arriving in the lobby. We’re incredibly happy with how it all looks – especially the way our Green Wall and the LED Sign from Sammy & Lola complement each other. It’s been fun trying something a bit different, and we’re definitely hoping to work with S&L again.









Massive respect to Lara and the team at Honey Lane events, and Emily and the team at Jonah’s, for putting together such a beautiful day for Jen & Grant. Thanks so much for including us!

Huge congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Madden! We hope you and your guests had a wonderful day, and enjoyed your Pop-Up Garden.




Meet the team – Emilie

Meet The Team – Iain

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