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Let Love Grow: Using 2017’s hot new design trends to “Green-Style” your Wedding

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It’s been a hot summer in Sydney, and the Wedding season is in full swing. With the dawn of 2017, now is a good time to take a peek at some of the hot new design trends for the upcoming year, and specifically how they relate to my ultimate passion – green styling. “But what is green styling?”  I hear you say… Put simply, green styling is the act of styling a space using plants, trees, foliage and flowering plants (and related accessories). For your Wedding, green styling can be used to achieve many desired outcomes, which we will explore in a minute…


But first, let’s discover these trends I mentioned. What are they?



Every year since 2000, The Pantone Colour Institute has chosen a “colour of the year” which reflects the current cultural climate, and usually goes on to heavily influence design trends in the following year – interior design, architecture, fashion etc.


The Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery; a zesty lime green that evokes dew drops on fresh leaves in spring. It speaks of the lushness of the great outdoors.


“Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalise, Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature”. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Colour Institute


A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery signifies new beginnings, and is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality. It brings to mind feelings of refreshing, reviving, restoring, renewing, rejuvenating…


As someone working in the plant hire and green styling industry, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this trend! At Pop-Up Gardens, we live and breathe plants (you would be forgiven for describing us as plant geeks!), and we’re incredibly passionate about sharing that love of Mother Nature’s beautiful creations. There is nothing which invigorates any space more than a new plant – a fern, a palm, a shiny monstera, or even a cactus.


As natures “neutral” backdrop colour, Greenery also taps into an ethos of minimalism, which ties in very nicely with another big trend for 2017…



The Swedish concept of ‘not too much, not too little,’ is set to influence design in a big way this year. Translated roughly as ‘just right’, lagom relates to creating balance in life. It’s about keeping things minimal and understated, and really celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship and natural materials. It is also about using sustainable and recycled materials to create something beautiful – reduce, re-use, recycle. Lagom also advocates the planting of fresh herbs and greenery in the home to promote harmony with nature.
Lagom is a trend which inspires me greatly. At Pop-Up Gardens, we’re massive believers in re-using recycled wood and other materials to create something beautiful and authentic. From our lovingly constructed pallet green walls to our hand-crafted wooden bench seats and planter boxes, we like to use something old to build something new. Keeping things minimal and understated works for me – lush green foliage to create a stunning backdrop, complemented by a few touches of natural wood to add warmth and texture.


Globally, humans dispose of 2.12 billion tonnes of waste per year. Environmental sustainability is an issue close to my heart. Using fresh living plants in pots is a re-usable and therefore sustainable method of styling – rather than cut foliage and flowers which will be thrown away after one use. Living plants also produce lots of lovely oxygen, which is why green spaces give us a feeling of re-oxygenation and vitality. Lagom is about making conscious decisions in our everyday design choices to improve our world.



Green Styling for a Wedding

So how do these design trends relate to styling your Wedding? Good question!


Let’s face it; the secret to styling any wedding is to always remember that every bride wants her special day to be memorable for all the right reasons! We all want our wedding to stand out, to be the most beautiful, the most stylish, and to be the one that everyone talks about for years to come… Tapping into the hottest design trends can help you to make your wedding really extraordinary! So stay ahead of the style game by introducing some green styling to your venue.


The popularity of large intricate floral arrangements is waning. This year, all signs point to it being the year of fresh and beautiful plants! More and more, couples are opting to decorate their ceremony and reception venues with fresh green foliage, trees, pot plants and green walls. There is a growing desire to re-connect with nature and bring the green outdoors inside.


Green styling, when done well, can really accentuate the natural beauty of a venue, and complement your individual style. Whether your wedding theme is classic understated elegance, boho-rustic chic, a whimsical fairy tale day, a minimalist sleek vibe, or a laid-back beach wedding – there are plants and green styles to suit any taste. Mother Nature always has something to offer!


Create a beautiful space for your wedding ceremony using green styling – from pretty flowering plants along the aisle, to a stunning ivy-covered gum branch arbour where you say your vows, and a leafy green wall that provides a lush backdrop to your pristine white dress.



Plants can be used to create gorgeous wedding photography. You can also use greenery to create a funky space for guests to party in (with the added bonus of helping to improve the acoustics by dampening unwanted noise), or a chilled garden area where they can sit, relax and chat. Clever green styling can be used to hide unsightly walls, partition sections of your venue, or screen areas for privacy.





You can even get really creative with your green styling! Perhaps give each guest a small personalised pot plant to take home, as a unique take on wedding favours. Or do a different take on the traditional “guest book” by asking your loved ones to attach personalised messages & photos to an interactive green wall display.


Whether you love fragrant herbs, pretty cottage gardens, formal European-style planting, earthy Mediterranean greenery, Australian natives, or exotic tropicals, there is so much variety. Think “outside the square” of traditional wedding flowers, and let your imagination run free – with Green Styling, there are so many new and exciting things to try. Think about making your wedding day truly memorable. Think about zesty greenery, and embracing new beginnings through our connection to nature. Think about celebrating the beauty of natural materials. Think about sustainability and freshness. Get inspired! And then let love grow…




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