Let Love Grow: Using 2017’s hot new design trends to “Green-Style” your Wedding
February 26, 2017
Snow pears (flowers) | Pop Up Gardens | Event Styling, Plant Hire & Green Walls, Sydney NSW
Spring at last!
October 11, 2020

Wedding: Rockpool Bar & Grill, and Catalina Rose Bay

Big weekend at Pop-Up Gardens! We were very happy to be working with the fabulous Alex Zabotto-Bentley and Jenni Munster from AZB Creative. Our brief was to green style two venues out of a six-part (six venue!) wedding extravaganza for a lovely couple.

On Saturday, with the rain lashing down, we headed into the city with a selection of tropical plants in our midnight pots. The venue for the wedding dinner was Rockpool Bar & Grill, with its statuesque marble pillars, stylish bar and impressive leaded windows. The florists had been working all morning, and the place already looked stunning – from the lavish flower display adorning the mezzanine balcony, to the gorgeous floral centrepieces on the dinner tables. Our palm trees and birds of paradise were a perfect accompaniment to the air of elegant decadence. There was a definite Great Gatsby vibe in the room which I loved!



Early Sunday morning, we arrived for bump-in at Catalina in Rose Bay. It was another drizzly overcast start to the day, but there was a bright excitable buzz inside Catalina. The AZB team were hard at work setting up the dance floor, custom wooden lounge chairs, and lots of gorgeous details – photos of the happy couple on side tables, beautiful bowls filled with delicate flower arrangements, and my favourite: a “hangover table” by the entrance, filled with beroccas, Panadol, mini water bottles, fruit and other goodies to help revitalise the partygoers after last night’s champagne. You could really see Alex’s flair for style and interior design in all the small touches.



We worked with Alex to create a chilled out but luxurious space, using a selection of beautiful tropical plants. Our tall kentia palms were great for adding some height and drama to the space, whilst the smaller palms, ferns, peace lilies, monsteras, fatsias, and xanadus added real warmth, texture and lushness to the room. And all the while, Flight Facilities were sound-checking in the background, which was really cool!



It’s a fabulous venue, and AZB has a really hard-working creative team – the end result was a wedding venue that was stylish and elegant, and yet at the same time relaxed and inviting. I’m sure the bride & groom would have been very happy as they partied the afternoon away with their family and friends.

Thanks to Alex and Jenni at AZB Creative for getting us involved. We can’t wait to work with you on another amazing project soon!





Meet the team – Emilie

Meet The Team – Iain

Installation – Cosmopolitan Centre Double Bay

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